The Nice Thing About Strangers

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The Nice Thing About Strangers

From a spot in Gülhane park, one can keep a clear sight of the lines of people posing with the Atatürk statue. A bronze figure on a stone base, he is a prime spot for visitors to pay their respects with a flash. Many people climb up to lean on their leader, others stand politely in front. A tall man in pointy shoes crawls up, then leans into a plié to fit in the viewfinder.  Small boys hustle to the statue and pat Atatürk on the shoe.

A teenager puts her arm over his, her palm resting on top of his hand as she cocks her head to show off her neck, though his forward gaze remains. When it is her friend’s turn, the second girl stays more modest. She collects her skirt before stepping up on the base. She smiles with her lips closed and gingerly pinches his elbow.

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