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The Wave

The family of three heads for seats in the tram. The mother has a toy for her toddler, who refuses to remain in one place. The father tries to wrangle his boy and distract him with things out the window. The Dad points, the boy glances, and since I happen to be standing on the sidewalk near their windows, I wave hello.

The little boy breaks into a grin, and I reply in kind. He moves close to the window to watch me. His mother takes his wrist and jiggles his arm to mimic my movement. The father is nodding, beaming, happy to watch this unfold. Then their suddenly independent boy pulls his arm away from his dear–now laughing–mother. He stretches his hand wide and waves at me all by himself.

–Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina

Počitelj, Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Počitelj, Bosnia-Hercegovina.

4 comments on “The Wave

  1. Leya
    August 29, 2015

    You always write them visible – the people.

  2. davecenker
    August 31, 2015

    If ever you doubt your influence on people, let this be a perfect example to doubt no more 🙂 A simple gesture such as yours is able to start an infectious wave of a different variety – one filled with kindness, generosity, and simple pleasures. Well done, Paige, thanks for sharing 🙂

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