The Nice Thing About Strangers

Creative Non-Fiction Short Stories. :) Travel, Oldsters, Love, and Compassion.

Is it too early in the yeay to start dreaming about swimming in Croatia?

The Nice Thing About Strangers

Maybe it was the impact of the sky and the water, but even the narrow road had its charm. Driving the curves, or walking on the crumbling shoulder that grew steeper over the coast, could leave one feeling essentially immortal.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia, Trogir

A moped passed with a boy and girl riding together. She wrapped her arms around him so he took risks, passing on the middle line, weaving so she would cling to him more ferociously, her laugh bouncing up the hills. Someone’s helmet came loose and skated across the road into a rocky parking lot.  They went on without it. Several minutes later, another boy cycled along, sans helmet and sans companion. He gave the find a double-take, slowed and leaned to lift the gift while still in motion. After the swoop, he stopped his bike, secured the helmet over his brown hair and departed in no particular hurry.

Later, a…

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  1. Our Adventure in Croatia
    January 31, 2013

    never too early to dream swimming in Croatia!

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