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The Chances We Take

Such a lovely moment in the airport to see the couple stop and kiss. In the spontaneous moment, their children take a few more steps, then turn to look up at the tastefully entwined tower of their parents, and make various faces. Then Dad nods for the kids to follow and walks on. Mom blushes for a moment, resting a hand to her cheek.

The young twins–or at least identically dressed-and-sized kiddos–discover the moving sidewalk. They weigh sending their stuffed animals on an experimental journey along the handrail. They glance forward and back, measuring how long they may need to wait if their giraffe tumbles off. Would there be time to retrieve him? How much distance to wait through before they could hop off the sidewalk and race back for a rescue? They survey their surroundings–strangers slumped on both sides of the walkway, busy flight attendants rolling black suitcases, people sitting on the floor to charge electronic devices. The twins opt to keep a firm grip on their stuffed animals until the last 5 feet. Making silent plans, as a few feet above their parents share a loving gaze.

A woman in front of them in Shapeups sneakers with their wedged soles, rocks forward and back in anxious preparation at the robotic overhead caution: “The moving walkway is coming to an end. Please watch your step.” She leans into the end and giggles in an echo when she wobbles away safely. Her self-protecting laugh distracts the twins, who clutch their animals against their grins and accept an offered hand from each parent.

–Denver International Airport, Colorado.

twins, growing up, nostalgia

Two of my sisters. The twins.

5 comments on “The Chances We Take

  1. hughcurtler
    May 24, 2013

    I’ve been through that airport a number of times but never saw the kiss, though I wish I had. But this helps! Thanks.

  2. petchary
    May 24, 2013

    It’s wonderful to observe people at airports – especially families. They are like little microcosms of humanity. I personally hate airports and behave quite abnormally in them…

    • I love it as well. I can usually find half a dozen stories just in the waiting area alone. It definitely helps cut down the travel stress to think of airports as an opportunity!

  3. Cardinal Guzman
    May 26, 2013

    What an adorable photo 🙂 I loved to fly when I was a kid. I still like it, but I’ll have to admit that it’s not with the same enthusiasm as back then…
    BTW: Thanks a lot for your vote!

    • Agreed. Something about airport security in particular makes the whole process less magical. 🙂
      Happy to vote! I love your work!

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