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I Like a Good Papercut and Fear No Cannonball. (A Poll)

Seeking info. So feel free to elaborate in Comments…

4 comments on “I Like a Good Papercut and Fear No Cannonball. (A Poll)

  1. Ash
    July 26, 2012

    Aha! I remember having this conversation briefly in class. I have a Nook, but I am trying to convince my wonderful husband to buy me a kindle for our anniversary. I like being able to have my book library all in one place, I can switch back and forth between books as freely as I choose. I must say that there will always be some books that I need to have to hold in my hand: The Harry Potter Series, The Twilight series (yes…I know), The Hunger Games, and soon to be added Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.

  2. rachaelhanel
    July 26, 2012

    I agree with Ash; some books are just meant to read in paper form. I probably am at 50/50 now, maybe with a slight lean toward e-books. I read a lot of nonfiction, and I find that is pretty easily digestible on an e-reader. I don’t read much fiction but the little that I do I have been reading that on the Nook, too. The only books I prefer to have in print version are ones I know I will reference over and over, ones that I want to write in and take notes.

    • I just can’t quite commit! This may be less related to reading and more related to wanting a break from gadgets, perhaps? A close friend who lived and traveled in Europe for years–always dreading the relocation of his extensive book collection–finally made the switch, and this is giving me pause. Hmm Hmm.

  3. journeyman1977
    November 25, 2012

    kindle’s convenient and easy while traveling…but it takes some getting used to. However, nothing replaces the feel, smell and sincerity of a book 🙂

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