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This is Grimm

The movies are onto the search, but they screw it up. The search always ends in despair. They like to show a fellow coming to himself in a strange place–but what does he do? He takes up with the local librarian, sets about proving to the local children what a nice fellow he is, and settles down with a vengeance. In two weeks time he is so sunk in everydayness that he might just as well be dead.

-Walker Percy. The Moviegoer.

3 comments on “This is Grimm

  1. Sherbet and Sparkles
    March 15, 2012

    Oh wow, that’s terrible.

    • I was amazed by all the cast-off and set-aside headstones. That day I skipped coffee and a museum, then put the money in my headstone fund!

  2. Maccabros
    November 4, 2014

    what are we when we go on like this with our past…?

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