The Nice Thing About Strangers

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Strangers on a Shuttle

They are meeting for the first time this morning, but no one in the airport shuttle can believe it. He is tall with brown eyes and a compassionate smile. She has green eyes and tucks her hair behind her ear, then pulls the strands back straightaway, bouncing between shyness and boldness. They grin at each other like they have many shared secrets, yet he puts out his hand and introduces himself. She takes it. They carry on with great curiosity about their basic information: who, what, where, when and why–business trips in different directions.

As the shuttle fills up, he asks if he can sit next to her, bridging the divide of the buffer seat that strangers employ if there is space for politeness. She welcomes him. While they chat, other passengers stare into space, look at their phones, and steal glances at a set of people who are smiling far too much for early morning flights.

She takes a call, but still leans over to examine the news stories he’s reading on his phone. He keeps looking at her, and she keeps returning his gaze. They continue laughing and smiling right at each other, here in public, and with all these witnesses, wondering how the story will end.

–Denver International Airport.
airplane clouds

4 comments on “Strangers on a Shuttle

  1. michaelwatsonvt
    February 27, 2016

    Marvelous, yet again!

  2. Beauty Along the Road
    March 3, 2016

    Flirting is such an interesting activity to observe…

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