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Melt. –a guest post by Desiree Gaul

I am so excited to share this lovely tale. Enjoy this guest post from my friend and former student, Desiree Gaul.
The evening mist under the streetlamp highlights her otherwise forgettable exterior. In sharp contrast to the muted tones of her sturdy coat, mauve wool hat, and practical tan shoes, her face is set like flint. She’s clearly annoyed with the adolescent shenanigans of the pack of boys behind her, who are also waiting for the bus. Unlike them, she doesn’t shift or fidget – she stands solemn with her basket of fresh bread, taking in the damp night.

As she scans the busy street, our clumsy stroller catches her eye. We don’t blend in, and the blatant stares from others along our path seem to judge our American baby gear and question our parenting choices. But she softens. Her stiff posture melts and her eyes dance as she gazes inside at our babe. I feel my pace slow, as if to allow this unexpected exchange a few more seconds. As we pass, her eyes flash at mine and she quietly offers, “Sϋβ.” Sweet. To me, this is the ultimate German compliment.

– Leonberg, Germany

2 comments on “Melt. –a guest post by Desiree Gaul

  1. Darlene
    February 25, 2016

    It is indeed a sweet story.

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