The Nice Thing About Strangers

Creative Non-Fiction Short Stories. :) Travel, Oldsters, Love, and Compassion.

Whatever Will Be Will Be

The tram lurches at stops and the morning riders open their eyes briefly, then return to snoozing while standing. I’ve just arrived so I am jet lagged and full of arrival energy, so I zero in on my neighbors.

They are a couple sitting in identical postures. Their left hands are holding up their heads. He has brown hair, she has brown hair covered by a headscarf with a vivid floral pattern. They both have silver wedding rings on their right ring fingers. As a stop nears, he sits up straight and gathers the sack between them on the seat. They don’t share a look as he heads for the exit. However, right at the door, he glances back at her and she is looking in his direction. It could be coincidence, it could be that he was just looking to see that he had all of his belongings, and she may just have been staring ahead. Was this a love story? Was this just two humans who slump alike on the early tram? Either way, I’m glad my eyes were open. I love to collect possibilities.

–Istanbul, Turkey.

Flower headpieces for sale. Taksim Square, Taksim.

Flower headpieces for sale. Taksim Square, Taksim.

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