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“The Winter of Our Discontent” in August

See you Monday for a happy tale from the Ataturk airport, Istanbul. For now, a few lines from John Steinbeck’s “The Winter of Our Discontent,” which I just devoured. 🙂 Three sections of the book. Out of order. Just lovely lines to savor.

“Between Mrs. Edgar and the world were two plates of safety glass, a space between. She negotiated for a dozen eggs. Having known me as a little boy, she never thought of me as anything else. I could see that she was amazed and pleased that I could make change.”
…I thought of the most feminine story I ever heard. Two women meet. One cries, “What have you done with your hair? It looks like a wig.” “It is a wig.” “Well, you’d never know it.” Maybe these are deeper responses than we know or have any right to know.
Some people resent awakening, but not Mary. She comes to a day with expectancy that it will be good. And, knowing this, I try to offer some small gift to justify her conviction.

In case it is very hot where you are, here's an image of Iceland in March.

In case it is very hot where you are, here’s an image of Iceland in March.

5 comments on ““The Winter of Our Discontent” in August

  1. Kim Karras
    August 7, 2016

    Oh, Paige, I have never read this work of Steinbeck’s but will have to. Gorgeous excerpts!

    • Kim, I think you’ll like his sense of humor in this one. Reminds me of this nice girl I know from Utah… 🙂


  2. sedge808
    September 3, 2016

    this photo is so beautiful….and i bet its cold too.

    • thenicethingaboutstrangers
      September 4, 2016

      Iceland in March was like being on the moon. A real photographer would have found ways to capture it beautifully, while I mostly caught it accidentally. 🙂 Nonetheless, thank you. I love this photo.

  3. Brezilyada Bir Türk
    September 4, 2016


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