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Skills and Struggles

One might read the lives of the saints and think: I could be more generous, more loving, more patient, and so on. But, when he think that we have to become them in order to be holy, we are denying the person whom God has created…

I discovered I didn’t have to ask myself, “What would Mother Teresa do?” or “What would Saint Francis of Assisi do?” Certainly their lives are superb models for Christian action, but the better question is, “What should I do?”

I tried to bring myself to each of [my] jobs: all my talents and skills and gifts, as well as my struggles and limitations and failings. I brought all of those things because that’s who God brought there.

–Fr. James Martin, SJ. Becoming Who You Are.

*Thank you, dear readers, for spending some time with me. 🙂
Krakow, Poland

One comment on “Skills and Struggles

  1. Maccabros
    February 10, 2016

    What should I do…

    absolutely – what should,could, what have we not done yet…

    so richtig und wahr

    liebe Grüße,


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