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Crossing Guard

I’m waiting to cross the street, watching for a few hustling taxis to pass, when I feel a presence on my right. I instinctively move a bit to my left. I am polite, and I know that when I am on one side of a street, people have a tendency to want to stand in front of me. Though I generally overtake them within about three or four paces, there’s something about my paused self that must appear (falsely) like a slow walker.

As a final taxi zooms by and the coast is clear, I notice that the figure on my right is a stray dog. The dog has been waiting with me for a clearing, and when I begin to move, he crosses at my side. I feel delighted that I have led him to a safe retreat. It seems an honor that one of the city’s stray dogs would trust my judgment.

Then I notice a few more dogs crossing. It seems that rather than leading, I am a part of a herd materializing from behind several parked cars. At the next crossing, one blonde dog cuts ahead of me. Another mutt jogs, turning his head to see if I am coming along. I’m laughing aloud at my quick demotion from shepherdess to sheep. I hear more laughter and notice a group of older women observing my encounter and enjoying it immensely. I smile in their direction, happy to be accepted, as my pack runs on without me.

dogs of izmir, stray dogs izmir

Running the town.

One comment on “Crossing Guard

  1. joannerambling
    November 10, 2015

    I like the picture of this, the one in my head just saying

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