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Guest Post: The Huffy Prophet by Sarie Fischer Norval

This week, I wanted to feature three friends who have offered guest posts on the blog. Here’s to the Nice Thing about Friends! 🙂 First up: Sarie.

This is Sarie's oldest son Graham. :)

This is Sarie’s oldest son Graham. 🙂

The Nice Thing About Strangers

I hope you’ll enjoy this guest post from my dear friend Sarie. I think her story helps explain why we’ve been friends for 17 years…whoa.
bicycle, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Teaching a summer class has provided a fantastic opportunity to enjoy what is without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous college campuses in existence. Limestone buildings stand proud and heavy with age. Winding paths cut through thick swatches of mature trees. There are endless places to relax with coffee and a book. These treasures can easily become part of the blurry background of the busy months between August and May. But in June, any part of your heart that hasn’t already been sealed in purple can quickly and quietly be seized and stolen away by the overwhelming beauty of K-State’s campus. The travelers of these paths are much fewer and further between this time of year, so the world of Wildcat snaps clearer into…

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One comment on “Guest Post: The Huffy Prophet by Sarie Fischer Norval

  1. joannerambling
    May 11, 2015

    Sounds like a great experience

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