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A Small Winter Story in July

Phillip is so tiny for his age.  Even among the Kindergarteners, he is miniscule. Heading out to play, he is about to wear his house-shoes outdoors. The kids are bundling up and someone calls about his shoes, “Schuhe!” He thinks, “Handshuhe,” and looks for his gloves.

He trudges toward the door. When the door slides open and the breeze blows in, he feels the lack of insulation around his toes and gasps. He realizes he is still in his slippers and laughs beautifully in self-forgiveness. He smiles and hurries into his boots–shaking his head at himself like a dear, absent-minded friend.

–Vienna, Austria.


3 comments on “A Small Winter Story in July

  1. joannerambling
    July 10, 2013

    What a handsome little boy……………..I liked this story could just imagine him in his slippers

    • Isn’t he a doll!? Always with his hair sticking up in various places. 🙂 Such a little sweetie. He always called me, “Die Paige.” 😀

  2. ksbeth
    July 11, 2013


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