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Should We Be Taking Advice From Cookies?

funny fortune cookie, happiness
Opened this fortune the other day with a bit of a jolt! 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

The word happiness was often used, although since they were all in their own ways sober and reflective people, each one wondered for a moment or two what it was and how they were destined to achieve it.
–Iris Murdoch. The Green Knight.

2 comments on “Should We Be Taking Advice From Cookies?

  1. safia
    July 5, 2013

    I rather like this, which I have on an old tea-towel from the 1980s and can’t bear to throw away: ‘The time to be happy is now.’ I do think ‘happiness’ is an over-used word – maybe ‘contentment’ or ‘comfortable in my skin’ might do a better job for most people!

    • Oh, I like this towel. I understand why you would want to hold onto it! This can be an important lesson for us, and a reminded to smile through the thick of it. 🙂

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