The Nice Thing About Strangers

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Go and Look

“All the critic can tell you with regard to Titian’s Entombment of Christ, perhaps of all the pictures in the world, is to go and look at it. What else he has to say is history, or biography, or what not. But people add other qualities to beauty–sublimity, human interest, tenderness, love–because beauty does not long content them. Beauty is perfect, and perfection (such is human nature) holds our attention but for a little while…

“Too much has been written about beauty. That is why I have written a little more. Beauty is what satisfies the aesthetic instinct. But who wants to be satisfied? It is only to the dullard that enough is as good as a feast. Let us face it: beauty is a bit of a bore.”

–W. Somerset Maugham. Cakes And Ale. (A superfantastic travel book, if you don’t mind laughing out loud while reading and inspiring a gaggle of curious glances.)

billboards, models, Berlin

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