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It Seems The Errands Run You…

A Kindergarten-aged girl walks by displays of shirts, organized by color and size. She runs her hand along the sleeves and gazes up at her mother, who totes a baby on her far hip, while navigating a cart weighed down with a car seat, an overflowing purse, an enormous bag of dog food, a yoga mat, and set of hipster onesies for the drooling dear. The girl looks thoughtfully at her mother and lets out a very grown up sigh. “Mom. I’ve been thinking about something.”

Her mother hunts around, trying to locate the daughter doing the noticing, “Where–? Walk up by me, okay, hon?”

The little girl hurries up next to the cart resumes her pondering, “So I was thinking. It feels like we’re here ALL THE TIME. Have you noticed that?”

The precociousness snaps her mother out of her distraction. And the mother laughs. A full, tilt head back, adjust the baby, it’s-been-years sort of laugh. The baby gurgles, the mother agrees, “Yes. Yes, I have noticed that myself.”
The little girl shrugs and resumes the absent-minded petting of Misses sleeves, while her mother beams, swinging the cart toward the checkout.


childhood photos

Let the Shopping Begin! (I’m already yawning…)

2 comments on “It Seems The Errands Run You…

  1. Mary Ann
    February 13, 2013

    Love the picture and the little girl’s story.

    • thenicethingaboutstrangers
      February 14, 2013

      Thanks! Lately when I realize: “oh, it’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I must blog!”–the universe has been sending me moments like this. 🙂 I love her deep contemplation!

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