The Nice Thing About Strangers

Creative Non-Fiction Short Stories. :) Travel, Oldsters, Love, and Compassion.

A big day, mulling a few different stories. In my indecision, we’ll take a trip back to Vienna…

The Nice Thing About Strangers

A woman on her balcony turns her back to the street and raises her arms in a wide V overhead. She stretches at her reflection in the balcony windows. She reaches for the sky again, twice more, then bounces in a set of jumping jacks, her arms up and down, her perfectly styled bun unmoving. She wears a long sleeved black shirt and observes her lean leaping frame in the windows, quitting after a brief, invigorating set.

She turns to face the street and delicately lifts a white mug to her lips.  A moment later, she replaces the mug with a toothbrush and cleans her teeth overlooking the street. From time to time, she spits into the boxes of plants and flowers that line her elegant balcony. She sips from the mug, brushes, and spits. Over and over.

I spot her from below, standing on the platform as I wait…

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This entry was posted on January 4, 2013 by in Travel.

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