The Nice Thing About Strangers

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Remember Me

I think I met this Swiss couple about 4 years ago now. I still remember them well. I wonder why that is–how do some people persist your memory and others never make a dent?

The Nice Thing About Strangers


The covered cabin of the small boat to Split is full by the time I arrive. So I stand with six others on the back platform, holding onto the railing. I’m sure there is a boating term for this area, but I have dubbed it the Tardy Corral.

Yet, from here one can watch the Captain and his compatriots on the dock, unfastening the ropes that hold the boat in place, kicking away the plank everyone used for boarding. And as the boat floats away, slowly at first, the two men left on the shore in Trogir pay their regards to our journey by resting their hands on their hips and staring. No nod of the head, no wave of the arm, though one did smile broadly around his cigarette.

The water in Croatia is the sort in stories for children. Mermaids and talking fish seem likely. As we pick…

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4 comments on “Remember Me

  1. Al
    September 30, 2013

    People are designed to affect your life that way. The ones that don’t make a dent in your life, doesn’t mean you haven’t made a dent in their life. Your meeting people may not be to teach you something, it maybe to teach them something. These people you met four years ago, they obviously taught you something about yourself, your partner, each other, but whatever it was, it taught you a lesson which is why you remember them.

    I hope that makes sense. It did when I wrote it

    • thenicethingaboutstrangers
      October 2, 2013

      I think that makes perfect sense. Imagine the power we wield without even knowing it! 🙂

      • Al
        October 3, 2013

        It is amazing that we can alter the way a person’s life carries on.

  2. ksbeth
    September 30, 2013

    people cross paths and in doing so, connect on many levels. while it may not be obvious that either of you has been affected by the other, something, on some level is forever changed.

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